Angry Birds Fans Can Show Their Love with These Great Pumpkin Carving Templates

My whole family are huge fans of Angry Birds. Those birds and their evil pig nemeses have captured all of our imaginations.

We like to carve our pumpkins a day or two before Halloween so that they don’t completely rot before the big day.  Usually we’re boring and go for the standard triangle eyes and nose, gapped tooth mouths, and if we’re feeling extra creative we might even add spooky eyebrows.

This year, though, we plan on having more fun with our pumpkins.  Due to our love of Angry Birds, we need to decide if we’re going to to carve our pumpkins to look like the Yellow, Blue, or Red Bird, the Chicken, or a Pig.

Over at, I found these fantastic Angry Bird pumpkin carving templates!  Check them out and you can transform your pumpkins into Angry Birds, too!

Let’s just hope that the pranksters on Halloween don’t decide to actually play a real life version of Angry Birds with our specially carved pumpkins!

(photo source)

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