Drama Kids Offers More Than Just an Acting Class

Speaking with Zachary Richardson, owner of Drama Kids of Volunteer Valley in the Knoxville area, one can’t help but get excited for this program.  His enthusiasm and dedication to kids is catching.

I assumed that Drama Kids was strictly an acting class, a way for children with aspirations to be a star to get their feet wet in the world of acting.  I found out that the Drama Kids program is much, much more.

Describing himself as an “edutainer,” Richardson explained the philosophy behind Drama Kids.  “I’m interested in helping kids build self esteem.  For kids to become better versions of themselves.”

With a focus on communication skills, kids as young as five all the way to high school age learn skills such as voice projection, creative movement, improvisation, and character development.  In this dynamic learning environment, kids are motivated and encouraged to fully participate within the group to achieve their personal bests and gain confidence.

Classes are offered after school at many locations including Amherst Elementary, Ball Camp Elementary, Karns Elementary, Smithwood Baptist Church, High Places in Oak Ridge, Trinity Co-op, and Farragut Church of Christ. Teens ages 11-14 are invited to participate in a new class called Acting Academy that will be offered at Farragut Church of Christ. A full list of classes and times can be found on the Drama Kids website.

Classes are $50/month and children ages 5-18 and of all ability levels can register at any time. New students begin the classes every week, space permitting. Children can attend sessions at the schools even if they aren’t a student there.  Call 865-951-0215 or visit their website for more information.

Drama Kids is a sponsor of Family Friendly Knoxville.

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