It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time in East Tennessee!


It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time in East Tennessee!  Old favorites like Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, and Do-Si-Dos as well as newer additions like Lemonades and Shout-Outs can be purchased from area Girl Scouts beginning January 11, 2013.

Last year, in celebration of the Girl Scouts’ 100th Anniversary, they introduced a new cookie, Savannah Smiles.  This yummy addition is a lemon wedge cookie filled with cool, crisp lemon chips.  The cookies are named after Savannah, Georgia, because the very first troop met there in 1912, led by Juliette Gordon Low. Each year, thousands of people visit the Juliette Gordon Low’s home, a National Historic Landmark in Savannah.

Each box of Girl Scout Cookies cost $3.50.  All proceeds stay with the local council, Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachia.  The girls in each troop decide how to spend their earnings, whether it be for special events, helping send friends to camp, and charitable donations.

Look for booths at local stores, visit, or download the Cookie Locator app for your smartphone to find where to buy these once a year treats.  Is your daughter selling cookies this year?  Tell us where you’re selling so we know where to go!

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