Kabuki in Turkey Creek May Be the Kids Favorite New Restaurant

My birthday is coming up tomorrow and to celebrate, the kids and my husband took me out to lunch this past weekend and told me I could pick any restaurant I wanted. They promised that they wouldn’t complain, no matter what. One of my favorite restaurants is Kabuki Fusion Sushi and Grill in Turkey Creek, that serves hibachi and sushi.  Since they don’t just serve pizza, chicken fingers, and hamburgers, I hadn’t ever taken the kids there to eat. So to celebrate my birthday, I decided to pick Kabuki-the kids had promised they wouldn’t complain.

“Ah Mom,” they both complained when I told them my choice.

Once we arrived, there was more whining since they didn’t see their usual favorites on the menu.  The kids menu offered chicken, shrimp, or steak served with hibachi vegetables and choice of soup or salad. My husband and I decided to order them both the chicken with soup.  After browsing their vast selection of sushi and hibachi selections, I chose to order from their sushi lunch specials and picked the crunch crab roll with avocado and the spicy salmon roll.  My husband ordered the spicy tuna roll and the saba roll, made with mackerel.

The kids almost revolted when the waiter brought the soup and saw the mushrooms floating in the broth.  I reminded them that it was my birthday lunch and of our no complaining agreement and urged them to at least try the soup.

They were intrigued by the large spoons, so they gave the soup a slurp.  Both kids looked surprised after their first sip and kept right on eating spoonful after spoonful.

“See, Mom, mushrooms aren’t so bad,” my four-year-old daughter explained.

Our meals arrived and the kid meal portions were huge! We could have easily ordered just one kid meal for the kids to share and there still would have been leftovers.  My husband and I were impressed by how pretty our sushi was, with the plates decorated with different sauces, not to mention how fresh and delicious our sushi tasted.

The kids didn’t complain at all the rest of the meal.  In fact, they begged to try our sushi and ended up liking our sushi even better than their own meals.  Once we finished and boxed up the leftovers, both kids asked if we could eat there again so that they could order their own sushi.

It was really the perfect place to celebrate my birthday and get the kids to try food outside of their regular comfort zone!

Kabuki Fusion Sushi and Grill  is located at 10901 Parkside Dr # 101, just down from Earth Fare in Turkey Creek.

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  1. Joan Shannon says:

    I’ve been there twice and loved it!! I know there is still more to see that I missed, and have family coming to visit that I would love to take there!!

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