The Shrine Circus is Coming to Knoxville This Weekend

This weekend at Thompson-Boling Arena, the Shrine Circus will be performing! Enjoy clowns, acrobats, cotton candy, motorcycle stunts, amazing elephant acts, and much more! Free advance tickets are available from any Kerbela Shrine member or by calling the temple at (865) 573-1901.

Catch the Shrine Circus at these times, October 21st-23rd.

Friday, October 21: 7:00 PM
Saturday, October 22: 1:00 PM
Saturday, October 22: 7:00 PM
Sunday, October 23: 1:00 PM
Sunday, October 23: 7:00 PM
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  1. The Shrine Circus is NOT family friendly, and it saddens me that people still attend these events with their children. There are numerous documented reports of animal abuse by the Shrine and Ringling Circuses. Instead of contributing to this type of animal exploitation, educate yourself and your children on how to humanely treat animals – both pets and wild species that should never be in a circus environment. There are plenty of talented people who can be employed and perform at their own will for a circus – and who can make it fun for families! The use of animals just isn’t necessary.

    • Try to get your facts straight Jennifer instead of being another one of those people that make up their own truths in order to try and make a point that doesn’t need making.

      • Douglas, your snide comment was obviously meant to illicit a pretty strong response from my post of a year ago, so I guess I’ll indulge you. My facts are very straight, yet I actually didn’t include any of the numerous facts and published incidents of abuse because I wasn’t trying to be combative with my comments at all. I think you need to reevaluate who might be making up their own truths in this disagreement. I’m not against circuses. I’m against using animals in them. The alarming rate of circus animal abuse is no secret and clearly needs to be addressed, so I’m not sure how your generalized, aggressive response about me making up facts is appropriate. I’m simply suggesting that our society needs to stop using wild animals in completely unnatural environments, and forcing them to perform tricks for our entertainment. When the training methods include hooks, beatings, electricity, ropes, chains, confinement, etc., I don’t understand how it’s right to support it or bring children to it. There are also many, many cases of the danger these animals pose to the circus personnel and general public. In addition, it’s been documented by The New York Times that over half of the money raised by the circuses doesn’t go to the children’s hospitals – it instead goes toward funding administrative costs for individual temples that sponsor the circus, and the ticket purchases aren’t even considered a tax-deducible charitable donation. To really help the kids, please donate directly to the hospitals! Yes, it is true the temples hire independent circuses to provide animals for them. Logically, though, the fact that the Shrine Circus does not use their own animals doesn’t in any way mean those animals are being trained in ethical ways. It actually allows the Shriners to avoid taking responsibility if it’s discovered the animals are being abused, and makes it very difficult to regulate all of the private circuses that are providing animals. Of course, I’m resigned to the fact that for many people, it’s just not an important issue, so I’ll leave it at that and agree to disagree! A few sites for anyone interested –,, (including an incident in Knoxville, TN).

  2. I couldn’t disagree more. I did some online research (a few hours worth) and found that Shriners circus does not travel with animals. They hire local animal handlers to bring local animals to the shows. Any mishandling that could have happened would not be Shriner’s doing. Also, travelling is the most strenuous thing that animals experience these days, and Shriner’s hiring local animals removes that aspect of stress from their life. I believe that Shriner’s is handling themselves in an ethical way and I go to their shows every year. Instead of seeing those animals as victims I see them as heroes for helping the children in need.

  3. There’s ALWAYS someone who has nothing better to do than cause problems for other people’s jobs and life. Jennifer the Shriners WOULD NOT support anything to do with animal cruelty! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

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