Win a FREE Facial at Spa Visage! THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER!

I don’t know about you, but the holidays are….rough.  As much as I love this season, it wears me out with all the shopping and cleaning and baking! If you’re exhausted like me, then this giveaway is for you!

Family Friendly Knoxville is giving away a free Visage Facial from Spa Visage located in the Downtown West Shopping Center (near West Town Mall)!!

Exciting, huh?!

To enter, all you have to do is:

1). Leave a comment below and tell me why you are in need of a little relaxation.

2). Hit the Facebook like button at the bottom of this post.

That’s it!  Happy Holidays from Family Friendly Knoxville!

Psst…want another chance to enter?  Visit!  She’s also giving away a free Visage Facial from Spa Visage!

This contest ends at 9 pm EST on Friday, December 30th.

This contest is over!  Paula is the winner!







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  1. I need some relaxation because it is HARD to be the mom who keeps it all together during this hectic time of year! Thanks for the chance!

  2. Doesn’t every mommy need relaxation. Lol

  3. Angie Hodge says:

    I would love a relaxing facial:) I need some time to rest and relax after my son’s 8th birthday, my dad’s birthday and Christmas- all in December- FUN times!

  4. Trina Frazier says:

    I need relaxation to rejuvenate my tired body. I feel like my husband and I work constantly both in health care and do not have time to take care of ourselves. One other reason is because we work so much I haven’t had the time to schedule a spa day since I did the Susan G Komen 3 day/60 mile walk the last of October. I keep saying I am going to, but haven’t yet. Maybe this will help.

  5. I need some relaxation because between school, work, having a 17 month old son constantly attached to me and getting my 6 year old from place to place I never have time for myself. Oh and did I forget to mention my husband who needs my attention as well?

  6. Katherine Geoghagan says:

    Who doesn’t need a little R & R…but for FREE! That would be even sweeter!

  7. Barbara Veith says:

    3 kids had 3matching different Christmas parties plus planning a bridal shower. I need some relaxation!

  8. I just need some alone time! I’m a sahm and could really use some pampering!

  9. I need it b/c I work my booty off during the month of December, nature of the biz ;-) so I need a little papmpering.

  10. Robyn Marshall says:

    I need a facial. I look like a haggard tired mommy.

  11. I could DEFINITELY use a little pampering in my life! My sweet, perfect, angelic seven-month-old isn’t much of a sleeper. Sadly, this means mommy isn’t much of a sleeper either. Oh, what I would give for a little RELAXATION (not to mention the hour or so of “alone time”)!

  12. I really need some relaxation time. I’m a stay at home mom who started homeschooling my very food allergic daughter this year. I have devoted my life to my daughter, but wouldn’t change my decision for the world. Still with the holidays and in-laws coming, I’m stressed.

  13. I need a little relaxation because of all these battery powered toys my child has and is getting.

  14. As a Mom to three kids, three and under, a facial sounds like pure joy :)

  15. i am a SAHM to 3 kids and just got back from Ethiopia to meet my 4th child (came back into the hustle and bustle of this season) and I am wiped out! would love a facial :-)

  16. I am in need of a little relaxation! Single working/school mom of 2 little boys (4&5years old).

  17. 60+ hours of working retail at 2 jobs over the Christmas seas
    on…pick me pick me!!! ;)

  18. So tired. Need pampering.

  19. Michelle Belcher says:

    I need some relaxation because the holidays this year have been extremely stressful. I am a nurse and always have to work holidays so this season is especially busy for me and I am completely exhausted and in need of some pampering.

  20. Tracy Wilson-Scarbrough says:

    I need a little relaxation and pampering because the holidays are stressful no matter how wonderful they are…and that stress level goes up significantly when your brakes go out on Christmas Eve!

  21. I would LOVE to win a free facial because I spend all of my time making my kids and husband happy and I never seem to find time for myself. A facial would be greatly appreciated!

  22. Courtney Murrell says:

    I am in desperate need of relaxation. Our family has dealt with many stressful situations over the last year. We have 3 special needs children in our family as well as many health care bills for both adults and children. On top of that, I myself have a chronic autoimmune disease. I had surgery to help with hearing in June. I just recently had a corneal transplant on my left eye so we had to celebrate Christmas early and will not really be celebrating New Year’s Eve. I have bags around my eyes and I have had to just let myself go a lot of times because of my eyes, my hearing and just overall health issues. I have had to adapt to an immunosuppressant, a med that hurts my tummy 4 times a day plus be a Mom to my 3 wonderful children without the use of my independence and being able to drive. This mom could DEFINETLY use a time of relaxation!

  23. my skin needs some help!

  24. On day 5 of a 17 day holiday break with 2 kids. If not already, I’ll need a facial and relaxation soon!

  25. Danielle Collier says:

    I would love to win this because I’m juggling TWO full time jobs; being a mommy to a 6 & 2 year old and working 50+ hours at a job. Exhausting but very worth it & it leaves very little relaxation time/money for a very tired mommy.

  26. I have four boys – two of which are teenagers and the other two are under the age 5. Need I say more? !?!?!

  27. I need some relaxation because I’m 7 months pregnant with a 2-year-old at home…need I say more? ;-)

  28. I need a little relaxation, 3 kiddos at home, an ebay queen, no yard sales to get my fix, and I love SPA VISAGE!!

  29. Amber zimmerman says:

    I just gave birth to my daughter on December 16 and my son’s daycare is closed all this week so he has been home as well. I could definitely use some relaxation

  30. I need to relax….I am on break from working in a elementary school and I have two teenage daughters at home on break with me! Need some quiet time!

  31. Mitzi Bodie says:

    I have never had a facial. I have always thought my skin was too sensitive to get one. It would be great to win one to try it out and have a little pampering. Plus, it is my birthday January 3rd, so it would be a great happy birthday to me!

  32. I definitely need some relaxation…after hosting family for almost a week, the craziness that is Christmas, AND starting a new job this week, I am exhausted!

  33. Leis Bohacek says:

    I would love to get some R and R for the simple fact that I work a daycare in my home and homeschool my 6 year old daughter. Giving to the children is an amazing blessing but how I would love to have some relaxation…. just the thought of it makes me smile :)

  34. Ginger Giffin says:

    I need a little relaxation because I am the mom of 2 boys, age 6 & 3. I work 3 days a week in a high stress job and my husband works 50-60 hours a week, so he’s not home a lot to help as much as he wants to.

  35. The winner is paula!!

    Paula, I’ll be emailing you right now….


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